The Wow Experience

I find in my offices, we sometimes create and heighten the stress level of our patients in the way we interact with them. If we can identify those areas and put some steps in place, it is possible to avoid some of the negative encounters we are having with our patients.

The areas that we have identified that can create negative experiences have been the welcome desk, check in and check out. This is greatly due to all the changes in insurance, especially Medicaid plans, and the patients being unaware of the changes before they arrive for their visit. Another area we are struggling with is patients changing from one vision plan to another, and learning during check in that we accepted their previous vision plan but not their new plan. Any informative correspondence we can have with our patients, such as email blasts that list the vision plans we accept, would be beneficial to our patients. Also, if you’re sending out appointment confirmation and reminder messages, make sure you let them know the plans you accept, so there are no unpleasant surprises when they arrive for their visit.

Join Sharon Carter as she lectures at many of this year’s optometry conferences across the nation. Some conferences will be virtual, while others will be live. Sharon’s high energy and passion for teaching  is evident from the moment she takes the stage through her closing comments. She thrives off interacting with event attendees and fellow speakers, often making herself available post-presentation to continue the conversation.

Sharon is a leading practice management and optical lecturer and has been a featured speaker at the largest optometry conferences in the United States and Canada.