IDOC 2021 - A Virtual Experience 2/04/2021

04febAll DayIDOC 2021 - A Virtual Experience 2/04/2021

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2:30PM – 4:30PM – Where is My Money?

This course will identify potential places where practice funds may be tied-up and directly affecting
bottom line profits. Such locations may be a significant amount in a single area, such as insurance
receivables. Ask yourself these questions. Are you struggling to get patients to return yearly and keep
your schedule full? Are you maximizing the three potential streams of income? Are you educating
patients on the benefits of products you have in your optical? Do you have the proper number of
frames of the right mix based on gender and age of your patients or do you have a hodge-podge of
frames based on what your frame reps said you need? Are your staff salaries out of balance? Is your
staff working together as a well-oiled machine or is there “sand in the gears”? Find the answers to these
questions within this period of instruction.

5:00PM – 7:00PM – Insurance Filing/Insurance Verification & Filing.

Insurance is a very big part of most practices today. That is why it is essential to get a system for
collecting information from the patient, creating a clean claim, and making sure payment is made
correctly and in a timely manner. Each area of the office has a part in the claim process and this course
will provide the essential steps for a system that will ensure prompt and accurate insurance filing and

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